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Subject: "Episode 5: November 5, 2012 - Lake Berryessa (war of th..." This topic is locked.
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swimbaitFri May-09-14 05:01 PM
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#22, "Episode 5: November 5, 2012 - Lake Berryessa (war of th..."
Thu Nov-08-12 04:08 PM by swimbait



OK gang. For 2012 Nico and I are going to fish ABA Nor-cal region (Clear Lake / Berryessa / Sonoma). This is going to be a new adventure. We know Clear Lake OK but Berry just a little and Sonoma not at all. It's all about the adventure :)

Yesterday was a funny day. Still working on the video but here's something for your Monday. We arrived at the lake at 7:00am just in time to get in the gate at Pleasure Cove. The first ABA event of the season for Nor-Cal region will launch there next Sunday and I had never been there so wanted to check it out.

$26.25 to launch was pretty outrageous! On top of $20 to cross the bridge with a tandem axle, you're in for $46.25 plus gas just to get the boat wet.

The lake was low, around 15' down I would guess. Water temp was 64-68 deg. Clarity ranged from 2 feet on the east shore in the formerly weedy areas to 12 feet on the main body. On the whole it was clear to slightly green.

In the morning there was thick fog by the ramp. Vis 150yds. We threw topwater and swimbaits close to the ramp. Nothing. Ran up wragg toward the main lake and tried ripbaits and more topwater. Nothing.

Saw some large trout boiling on small shad. Nico tried a kastmaster and caught two huge full fin rainbows. No bass. From there ran to the real main lake on the east shore toward the narrows. Saw some birds working bait so we stopped.

Huge rainbows were flopping out of the water everywhere on 1 inch long shad. It was way too tempting. We both put kastmasters on and just went to town. These trout were incredible. 2 to 4lbs+ and so fat. It was the absolute best trout fishing I've ever seen in my life. We kept limits (10) of these monster trout. Forgot all about bass fishing for awhile :)

Nico hooked one and fought it to the boat that was every bit of 22 inches and well over 4lbs, it came off. I felt like we'd just lost a 10lb bass lol.

Aright, so... the sun came out and we could run the lake. We went to the west shore and just hit anything that looked good. I had a 6lber follow a Vision 110. That was interesting so we started throwing a-rig and more swimbaits.

Had a few follows but it was plate calm, brutal bright and the fish would not eat. We saw a decent number of 3lb+ fish, enough to get some idea on where to fish for the tournament but getting them to bite was a real issue. We tried 6lb fluoro, 4in robo, swamp crawler, dart head, and all manner of horrible small lures but nothing would bite.

After a few hours I caught a 12in spotted bass, that was it. Tried chatterbait and basstrix weedless on the east shore, nothing. Stopped on birds in the middle of the lake, saw spaghetti and got ... more trout. Went back down to the narrows, still nothing. Nico finally caught a 13.1 inch mule bass on a pink worm. Ugh.

At the end of the day we fished around the ramp some more. Tonnage of shad there. The camera died and I promptly slayed a sqawfish and what appeared to be a pair of underwear on an ice jig. I hope you guys will believe I really caught these incredible catches on icejigs and didn't just re-hook them. It was hot and calm still. We left at 3:30pm.

The tournament will be much different. Weather is going to change and hopefully we'll have some breeze. With the fish on such tiny shad we're considering trying some serious finesse. Float-n-fly maybe. 3 inch reaper possibly. It really was amazing how we couldn't get bit on typical drop shot and darthead gear so its time to revamp the arsenal.

Gameplan for tournament day will be big swimbaits, a-rig with keitech and basstrix, then micro finesse to try and catch keepers. If we don't get a big fish in the morning, then it's going to be big stuff all day. This will be our typical tournament where we either come in with

a) A huge sack
b) 2 good fish
c) 2 fish for 2.5lbs
d) nothing

What we definitely won't catch is 5 fish for 12lbs while dragging carolina rigs behind the boat all day.

What worked:

not much else...

Aright without further adieu, the movie

Icejig bycatch


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