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Shimano Calcutta 400

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Matt Peters( Roswell, GA) Mar 29, 2007
For the right applicaton, 400 is sweet
I'm a big fan of Shimano. The 400 (minus the TE) is a good choice for certain, specific, swimbait fishing applications, where you need to fish slow and steady.

I use the 400 series to throw MS Slammers, XL Nezumma Rats, MS Snakes, etc

I tend to fish too fast. The 400 has less torque, line pickup and fishes slower than the 400 TE. This reel has helped me slow down with certain applications and just fish a slow and steady wind...typically on the surface/wake baits of sorts.

The one thing to consider is that this reel does not have the same line pickup as the TE series, so if you switch between reels in a situation, just know that with the 400 you are gonna need to really wind to keep up with a fish that is running right at you.

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