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3:16 Lure Company - Rising Son Swimbait

Author: Rob Belloni

Overview / History:  The Rising Son was released in November, 2003 by 3:16 Lure Company.  It comes in two sizes, a 6.5” 2.15oz model which retails for approximately $15 and a 8” 3.9oz model that retails around $20.  Like all of the 3:16 baits it comes stock with premium hooks, a 2/0 Owner Stinger on the 8” bait and a 1/0 black VMC on the 6.5”.  There are three primary colors available; Blue Trout, Brown Trout, and Green Trout.  I know that other colors have been made but I don’t believe they are commercially available. 

Pros:  Like all of the 3:16 product, the Rising Son has great attention to detail, clean molds and solid construction.  The Rising Son also features the standard 3:16 block and tube harness which means you don’t have to run any special rigging on the bait.  Either fish the bait as is, or attach a second treble hook via wire or braid to the eye of the first hook and you are good to go.  The block and tube means you won’t tear up as many baits on fish, and you’re likely to land more of your bites because the heavy plastic lure will slide up the line leaving the bass to fight the hooks.  Speaking to the hooks, I always give props to manufacturers who put on hooks that don’t need immediate replacement and the Rising Son as mentioned in the overview, comes ready to go with either an Owner or a VMC.  

I’ve tested about a half dozen Rising Son’s over the past two years and found that they are good performers when it comes to running straight and true.  The baits are not weighted heavily, so on some of the baits you can roll them over at high speeds, but for typical retrieves they are very fishable and perform nicely.  The tail on the Rising Son is very large and gives you a strong throbbing feel through your rod tip.  Color wise, I like the available colors for clear water but in murky water they really don’t stand out.  Most of the lakes around where these baits are designed and manufactured are very clear, so the color selection is understandable. 

Fishing wise, I’ve heard a decent amount of positive feedback on the Rising Sun.  The bait hasn’t caught on like some baits, but if you’re looking for a bait in this general genre that runs barely subsurface and puts out a big throbbing tail action it’s one to check out. 

Cons: The first thing I tell people about this style of bait is that you have to expect to miss and lose a certain amount of fish, especially on the larger 8” size.  Bass typically bite the head of any trout imitating lure, and when the head is a thick piece of rubber, it’s just hard to get a hook in the bass a lot of the time.  This is true for any bait with a soft plastic bait with a wide head construction. 

The other turn off for me with the Rising Sun is the fact that it is in such a popular bait category.  Between the Osprey, the Eagle, and the Water Striker Double D the bass just see a lot of this type of bait.  The Rising Son is undeniably similar in size and action to all of those baits and it just dilutes the effectiveness of the bait on pressured bass.  This bait is a solid performer in it’s category but it’s not a “light the world on fire bait”.

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SethB.( McKinleyville, CA) Mar 20, 2010
Rising Son
This bait was brought to my attention by one of CA\'s top swimbait fishermen. Its unnatural bulky blockhead look discuraged me and it took me a while to give it a chance. I fish mostly super clear lakes for northern strain large mouth,Spots and smallies. I like to use ultra real looking/moving baits so the rising son didn\'t really fit my selection of baits. In short time this bait has proven itself. I have caught smallmouth over 4# spots over 6# and 28+# of northern strain largemouth in 5 casts all in ultra clear water. THIS BAIT GETS BIT. I\'m no Swimbait expert but I\'ve spent a lot of cash and thrown alot of big baits for a few years now. I can honestly say this bait can make it stupid easy to catch quality fish. It has produce quality fish for me in every lake I\'ve fished in the last year(all four of them LOL). Risnig son comes in a color for every situation, two sizes and two rigging methods. The origanal bottem hook and slow sink(my favorite to date) and a top hook more of a fast sink bottem bounce bait. The bottem hook slow sink can be fished super slow in the upper water column or can be fished fast on top like a wake bait. A twich and pause jerk bait like cadece works well also. Add a 3/32 nail weight to fish a little faster or a little deeper. The top hook can be slow rolled mid coulmn or its an EXCELENT bottem bouncing bait. Durability wise it holds up well I have baits that I have caught 10+ fish on and with minor repairs should go another five maybie ten. Due to the fact that it is a line through bait the hook to land ratio is awsome, once hooked the bait slides up the line and you fight the fish on the hook alone. Price wise its very affordable. Colors I dont think you can go wrong. White was the color recommended to me and I have done well with it, but for me I like the Chartuse Shad and Black. I recently picked up the clearlake ghost and have to say it looks pretty sweet. I could go on and on about this bait but I\'ll stop here. If I had to reccomend one bait for any lake, any fish, any level of fishermen novice or expert alike this would be it. Rising Son can make it EASY.
Magmaster Jun 14, 2005
Rising Son
I like this bait for sub-surface slow rolling. The bait runs fairly true out of the box, and comes in some decent colors. I know he offers a Hitch color now and that has been the ticket for me. I like the smaller one on 15 pound test and a 7 foot rod. I use a MH cranking rod for this bait because it generally is a top water bait. Run it over shallow grass beds or on the outsides of a brush line and watch for explosions. You can also add some weight to it to speed up the retrieve to get some more reaction bites on it. It's good for about 10-15 fish in what I have seen
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