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California Swimbabes Hot Momma

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Cameron( Dana Point, CA) Feb 03, 2008
Speedy Delivery
I like to burn my swimbaits!!! Its because of the Hot Mama that I perfer this style of swimbait fishing. This was the first swimbait I really gave a serious try (back when it was called the Eagle) and the explosions the fish were making on the bait were incredible. All sizes of this bait run great at a fast speed. There are plenty of colors to select from and the bait is very durable. It takes quite a few fish to chew it up!

The only drawback I can find is the bite to hook-up ratio. You miss alot of bites. I think it has to do mostly with how fast I fish it, But the overall bulk of the bait gives the fish a big target to hit and you cant hang hooks everywhere. I definately recomend a harness of some kind with a trailer hook towards the tail section.

This was my first swimbait, and I still fish them today even with all the other baits that may look a little better. Its hard to beat the action this bait has when you get it rockin' and rollin'.
Rich Whitaker( Encinitas, CA) Jul 29, 2007
Calico Bass
I was fishing boilers between Malibu and San Pedro and kicked the crap out of 3 to 6 lb. Calico Bass with the little E and the big momma all colors worked....It's a great saltwater lure.
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