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Stocker Trout Swimbait

Author: Rob Belloni

History/Overview: The Stocker Trout is made by Rod and Todd Thigpin and was first introduced in the early 90's. For whatever reason this has always been a pretty low profile bait, but this is unquestionably a pig catcher. Over the years there have been a ton of giant bass, stripers, etc caught on the Stocker. The Stocker Trout's unique 'wings' that cause it to swim are still completey unique on the swimbait market. The lure is heavily weighted with an internal hook/weight contraption in the font half of the lure. All three models (7, 9 and 10") can be fished from the surface to as deep as you want to let it sink. They are very versatile in this regard.

Pros: I said they were versatile, and they really are. You can fish full speed on top throwing a huge wake or you can slow roll in 20 feet on the very next cast. When I first started throwing the 7", I got all of my bites burning the bait on top. Fish would just explode on it fished super fast over the weedbeds. More recently I've caught some nice fish on the 9" by slow cranking it along in 5 to 10' of water. I give the stocker trout A+ on versatility.

The other great quality about Stocker Trout is it's swimming action. This bait has a very real looking swim to it. It's a very steady natural action, and I believe that the way it moves through the water is one of the main triggers that cause fish to eat this lure. On sunny days in clear water the fish seem to be drawn in exceptionally well to the bait by it's motion and the amount of water it pushed on the wings. Fish will come from great distances to grab this lure, you have to experience it to believe it.

The 7" bait comes with a premium hook that is very sharp. The 9" comes with a large chrome hook that definitely needs sharpening. You need a hook this big on the 9" and as far as I know there are no hooks you can buy this large that are super sharp like gammie or mustad ultrapoint, so you can understand why the hook is the way it is.

Cons: The most agonizing thing about Stocker Trout is missed bites. The bait comes with only the top hook (the pics above are shown with an added stinger hook). Even with the stinger, if a fish eats the bait the wrong way, they can be difficult to hook and land because of the wings on the bait and how tall the bait is (especially the 9").

I always tell people the same thing about Stocker Trout, and that is as follows:  If you want to get one big fish, the Stocker Trout is a great bet and you need to have one (or three) in your box for sure. However if you are going to get upset if you lose fish on it, it is not the bait for you. In other words, if I was trying to catch 4 pounders in a tournament, I wouldn't use it. But if I was gunning for one big bite and losing 4 pounders didn't phase me, I would definitely have it tied on.

You need to use the stocker trout for what it is, a trophy hunting bait. My only other gripe with Stocker Trout is that there are only two stock colors. Trout (seen above) and Baby Bass. Now if I had to pick just one color of trout, the green color they use is pretty darn good, but having a few other colors sure wouldn't hurt.

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GGR( Cen. CA, CA) Feb 16, 2008
The Stocker Trout is one ugly bait. The 9" and 10" baits come with a horrible hook. That being said, this bait is one "BIG FISH" producer. On a lake like Casitas where those fish see the best of the best in swimbaits, the Stocker Trout will produce. I learned this the hard way by watching my partner stick fish after fish while comming up empty handed myself throwing a much "prettier" bait.

On one trip to Casitas we ran into one of the "Big name" swimbait sticks. As we worked our way around him he yells out to us "your wasting your time". We came off the water with two 9's and a 7 for 5 hours of fishing.

I believe it is the action that draws the fish to the bait. Sharpen the hook the best you can. I do not use a stinger hook as the bait is ugly enough. The bait can be fished shallow or deep and is equally deadly at both.

The Stocker Trout is truly a trophy fish bait.
Feb 15, 2008
Trever( Riverside, CA) Dec 30, 2007
Simply one of the best..

The 9" stocker trout is one bigbait I will always own. It's versatility and great water displacing motion make it a true fish catcher, especially at night. I always fish mine with a stinger hook on the chin and have not had many missed bites.

The main problem I have had is that the midddle plastic piece has broken sometimes just from landing wrong on a cast, not from hitting a rock or dock which can be expected, but just from the impact with the water. It's a rare occurance but has happened more than once.

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