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3:16 Lure Company - Armageddon

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magmaster Apr 09, 2007
3:16 Armaggedon
This is the culmination of Mickey's quest to build the best trout imitating hard bait. I watched him go through several design changes with this bait and here is the final design. Once again he raised the bar when it comes to the extreme detail that goes into carving the baits and painting them.

Like his other hard baits this is a hard plastic bait. It weighs around 7.5 ounces, has 3 pieces and utilizes a floating design. The action of this bait is unreal. The swim is very realistic to the point where I had kids casting trout lures at it while still in the prototype stages lol! It will run subsurface on a steady fast retrieve and it trolls very well.

My preffered method of catching fish on this bait has been with a steady wake on the surface. I have also caught fish by dead sticking the bait. If I had more patience then I might be more successful at it I suppose. I usually throw this bait on a Crucial 7'11" swimbait rod
and a CTE300 or 400 reel with 25 pound Izorline XXX. The bait can be "walked" on the surface by twitching the bait on a slack line.

My only complaints about the bait is the sheer weight. It really wears you out throwing this bait all day. I use the Crucial because it loads easliy to take some of the strain off of me while casting this bait. The price is very high but this is the sign of things to come. With the level of detail and the high quality paint used on this bait I would expect to see the high prices. This bait is designed for the serious trophy angler in mind.
Matt Peters( Roswell, GA) Apr 05, 2007
'dis holy Armagedeon
I was fortunate enough to hand select my Armageddon from Mickey in person at his shop in Laguna Hills back in the day.

The Armageddon is truly a work of art, and Mickey continuest to think outside the box with bait design, quality components, and realism.

Pros: Size. The Armageddon is a big, bulky bait...approx 12" long. It weighs a ton. It must weigh close to 8 ounces. You need a meat stick to the throw it. Thank goodness for the Loomis 966s! Anyway, my bait runs straight, swims very well, throws a great wake, and makes a clack clack clack as it swims.

I have not been bit on the bait yet, but find myself on point when fishing it, waiting for the bite. I gotta think you could get the bite you are after with this bait, if you get 'em on a day when they'll eat a surface bait, and will eat a BIG bait.

Cons: I've heard of the baits breaking, but mine has fished hard and runs great, and shows no signs of problems. It appears well built, and I'm sure Mickey would assist if your bait fell apart after normal usage. The weight of the bait might make it easy for a big fish to throw. I mean, this is a big bait, and its got a tall back to it, and you best be ready for battle with this thing on the end of your line!

Realism: Oh yeah, the paint job is straight sick-i. The bait profile, tail, head, eyes, etc are on point. Kudos to Mickey here.

Price: I'm glad its expensive. Seriously. Don't buy one. Stick to Storm and no belly ringed Rago Real Trout!

"So when jah Man comes, there will be no, no more doom!"

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