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Lucky Craft Real California 200 Supreme

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Triton Mike( Acworth, GA) Jan 05, 2008
Lucky Craft Real California 200....
I'm not a huge fan of the previous Lucky Craft swimbaits but this 200 series is different. The action is very nice. I would say the action is between a Triple Trout and a BBZ. IT's not quite as fluid as the BBZ but not quite as wicked as the Triple Trout. Thats the best way I can describe the action of the bait and I think Rob described it the same way. On a fast retrieve and your rod tip high it wakes pretty darn good as well. The bait at rest has ALWAYS stood up on the bottom if that is your kind of thing. The visibility in the water I tried it in is fairly stained so I couldn't get an idea on the ROF. Its definitely not a slow sinker but I don't think it sinks like 5 bricks either. It's a medium rate sinker if I had to put a term to it. The bait did seem to want to fall horizontal but again my water was fairly stained so I only had half a foot clarity to work with (pond is stained due to heavy rain runoff) I also tried some erractic retrieves and that was very interesting. ON a fast retrieve with some interactive jerks it seems to dart and also porpoise very fluidly. I thought the action was cool when it porpoised. It does have a slight rattle to it. It's not a BBZ knocking bait but the rattles are in a very confined space so it's more like a very light chatter versus a rattle or a knock. It's definitely a 20-25lb line bait. It's not a heavy heavy bait at 3.75oz. It is 8 inches EVEN with the joints spread out. The tail connect area holds the tail fairly well. As for durability I have no idea. I haven't thrown it but maybe 20 times for the purpose of this review.

As far as the profile of the bait. It's definitely more narrower than the BBZ as you are looking from the top of the bait and this is more appealing for me as a Spotted Bass guy as it's easier for spots to get this bait into their mouth. The narrowness of the bait puts it more inline with the narowness of a real trout. Profile from the side is very realistic looking as well. I'm glad they didn't put those side protruding pec fins on this bait.

I do know that from talking with Lucky Craft the Real Skin version of this bait is going to be fairly limited from what they are telling me at this time. I am going to see them next week at a trade show so I will ask more questions there. Here is a picture of the Lucky Craft 200 Series swimbait at

This is by far the best Lucky Craft swimbait out of the several others they have made and I WILL BUY MORE due to the bait being a skinnier profile.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions that I might have missed.
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