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River2Sea Wood'n Slither

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SethB.( McKinleyville, CA) Dec 16, 2007
I will start by telling you the good. Good quality components come stock on this bait heavy duty split rings, good sharp strong hooks (looks like 2x owner trebs.) paint job looks like it should really hold up well. Good clear coat over paint and eyes. Looks like it would be a great bait. Now for the rest. This bait looks much better in you hand than in the water. First time out my bait didn't swim for crap. Called River 2 Sea, the rep. was very helpful telling me how to properly tune the bait. Great custmor service I give the bait a star for that alone. So the bait is tuned but still swims like a wind up bathtub toy. I'm sure if you threw it enough you could get bit on it. This bait just did not impress me what so ever. I did give it 2 stars one for the customer service I recevied when I had a problem and one for the quality conponents that come on the bait. IMO there are too many other quality baits out there to waste any time with a bait that doesn't make me say "WOW" when I see it swim.
Lucas Boden( Elk Grove, CA) Feb 05, 2007
Wood'N Slither
I have heard people saying they didnt like this bait because it didnt have the same action as a Triple Trout or Raptor, but that is why it is made by a different company. I am sure 22nd Century would have a problem with R2S copying the TT's dimensions exactly.
anyways... this bait works best at faster speeds, in heavy winds, and when a choppy action is desired.
awesome color schemes, not SO detailed that the price kicks up $20 because of paint, but the Ayu, Hitch, and Trout are all good colors that will imitate a variety of baitfish. Very choppy action, with the head moving widely, the tail kicks behind it much harder than a triple trout. this bait casts very nicely on #20 into a stiff wind. the plastic tail on this bait is made of the stretchy plastic like the strike king 3X baits, very durable. price/availability- $50 and readily available at

Cons: This bait seems like it would excel when the fish are looking for a faster retreive. at slow speeds(crawling the bait) the bait has much less head movement which kills the tail action also. the tail cannot touch other baits or it will get messed up.
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