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Top Calfishing.com Freshwater Fishing in California
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Small Boat [View all]
Looking for advice. I have been Bass fishing from a Belly Boat in the Delta for the past year or so. I want to upgrade to something more mobile that
kunafloatJul-17-11 03:41 PM01979

[View all]
Anglers Press News Center – Sacramento, Ca. - The Thunder Valley Casino - Great Outdoors Poker Challenge! hosted last year by Thunder Valley Outdo
APressJul-08-11 08:28 AM01945

FPT BIG BASS BRAWL - "Best Bite Event" comes to Clear ... [View all]
The Thunder Valley Outdoors/FPT comes to Clear Lake for a 2-day slugfest dubbed -The Big Bass Brawl - "Best of Both Bites" that will be the highlight
APressJul-08-11 08:24 AM01959

You gotta read Matt's blog [View all]
http://web.me.com/so uthernswimbait/South ern_BigBaits/Anglers _Journal/Entries/201 1/6/18_Kentucky_Lake .html Just a guy out there doing it. Just char
swimbaitJun-21-11 11:18 AM
by Lake
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RE: You gotta read Matt's blog, Lake, Jun 21st 2011, #1

catfish berryessa [View all]
I'm looking for any info on catfishing at lake berryessa
cjp1969Jun-17-11 11:07 AM
by Lake
Replies to this topic:
RE: catfish berryessa, Lake, Jun 17th 2011, #1

Matt Pickwick [View all]
29th day 1. Hey guy. http://www.flwou tdoors.com/bassfishi ng/afs/tournament/20 11/6575/pickwick-lak e-professional-resul ts/?dpl=1&all=0&sr=1 &rpp=50
swimbaitJun-09-11 06:40 PM02637

flip jig [View all]
Looking for a new flippin' jig. Been flipping strike king bittsy bugs for years. Great little jig. But thats just it, its little. looking for somethi
Seth B.Jun-07-11 01:43 PM
by dockboy
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RE: flip jig, Nu2Cal, Jun 07th 2011, #1
RE: flip jig, Nico, Jun 07th 2011, #2
RE: flip jig, dockboy, Jun 07th 2011, #3

Weather [View all]
If it could just be windy or rain every single day that would be great.
swimbaitJun-06-11 08:10 PM
by Seth B.
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RE: Weather, Bassinboys, May 25th 2011, #1
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                          RE: Weather, Seth B., Jun 06th 2011, #7

Weather/map apps? [View all]
Does anyone know of some good weather or map apps? The weather apps I am looking for should include wind info.
BassinJun-06-11 11:58 AM
by Phil
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RE: Weather/map apps?, Phil, Jun 06th 2011, #1

Motherlode ABA year in review [View all]
ABA Motherlode – The Year in Review Decemb er - New Melones: There’s something I like about New Melones. Just a feel of being less pressu
swimbaitJun-05-11 01:15 PM
by Nico
Replies to this topic:
RE: Motherlode ABA year in review, dockboy, Jun 04th 2011, #1
RE: Motherlode ABA year in review, Nico, Jun 05th 2011, #2

May 31- Lopez [View all]
Got back out to Lopez today. As expected, it was as windy as ever. Water temp was 65 and 4-5 ft visibilty. I fished wittenberg, the back and a few
PhilJun-01-11 09:08 PM
by Nico
Replies to this topic:
RE: May 31- Lopez, Nico, Jun 01st 2011, #1

Weedless swimbait heads? [View all]
Recently the fish I have been on have been keyed in on 2-3" shad. I remembered Rob's article on Big Hammers, and sure enough matching a 3" Glow Sardin
dockboyMay-29-11 04:36 PM
by dockboy
Replies to this topic:
RE: Weedless swimbait heads?, swimbait, May 22nd 2011, #1
RE: Weedless swimbait heads?, dockboy, May 26th 2011, #2
      RE: Weedless swimbait heads?, dockboy, May 29th 2011, #3

Getting a little more back [View all]
More good news. Saw the other day that San Pablo Dam will now open at 6am and be open every day of the week. They're under new management through so
swimbaitMay-26-11 11:21 AM02477

catfishing at night [View all]
I'm looking for a place to catch catfish at night. I'd like to be able to camp and fish in the same spot. Has to be close to the Bay Area.:-)
cjp1969May-25-11 08:57 PM
by Nico
Replies to this topic:
RE: catfishing at night, swimbait, May 25th 2011, #1
RE: catfishing at night, Phil, May 25th 2011, #2
RE: catfishing at night, Nico, May 25th 2011, #3

DVL Quagga? [View all]
Kramer making some pretty strong statements regarding quagga in Diamond Valley Lake. Several guys commenting on his blog saying they've seen them in
swimbaitMay-24-11 02:51 PM02278

Discovery Bay patterns? [View all]
I am planning on fishing Discovery Bay and I am curious as to what patterns work well. It looks like there is a lot of dock fishing, probably bluegil
Nu2CalMay-23-11 08:19 AM01857

Got one back [View all]
Friday the 13th, DFG planted Los Vaqueros reservoir with rainbow trout for the first time in several years following the cessation of trout plants aft
swimbaitMay-22-11 03:43 AM
by dockboy
Replies to this topic:
RE: Got one back, newmoonbite, May 16th 2011, #1
RE: Got one back, Carrot Top, May 16th 2011, #2
RE: Got one back, dockboy, May 22nd 2011, #3

Wadeing shoes [View all]
Okay dumb question: Is it necessary to use wadeing shoes with stocking foot neoprene waders? First time user dont want to get holes in waders if i ca
HankMay-20-11 06:53 AM
by Ken A
Replies to this topic:
RE: Wadeing shoes, Ken A, May 20th 2011, #1

Shasta [View all]
Hi all, I am heading to Shasta in 1 week and was wondering if anyone has been up there recently. I have not been there in 2 years, since TM Customs an
Mikes Z-260May-15-11 05:28 PM01806

Worth reading [View all]
It's the time of year when the once a year angler dusts off the boat and goes to the lake. Guys, wear your life jackets: http://w ww.bassmaster.com
swimbaitMay-13-11 03:59 PM02388

The updside of flooding [View all]
http://online.wsj.co m/article/SB10001424 05274870468190457631 9000065837310.html?m od=WSJ_hp_MIDDLENext toWhatsNewsSecond
swimbaitMay-12-11 06:59 PM02358

Sean Minderman wins FLW Delta [View all]
http://www.flwoutdoo rs.com/bassfishing/a fs/tournament/2011/6 582/california-delta -professional-result s/ Those dudes fished in some serious wind the
swimbaitMay-07-11 09:33 PM02814

Bullards Bar...wow! [View all]
Fished Bullards for my 1st tournament win in 4 years yesterday the 16th. I'm still in shock a bit. Have never seen spots that fat...like green blimps
dockboyApr-21-11 12:39 AM
by dockboy
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RE: Bullards Bar...wow!, Phil, Apr 18th 2011, #1
RE: Bullards Bar...wow!, swimbait, Apr 18th 2011, #2
      RE: Bullards Bar...wow!, dockboy, Apr 18th 2011, #3
           RE: Bullards Bar...wow!, dockboy, Apr 21st 2011, #4

April 17, 2011 - Berryessa - AC Teams [View all]
Nico and I fished the AC Team at Berryessa Sunday. No particular reason other than it's spring time and fishing is good most places right now. W
swimbaitApr-18-11 07:08 PM02390

April 14- Lopez [View all]
Got out to Lopez again yesterday. I just can't get enough of that place. I started out near the bridge (which is still closed off btw) and caught
PhilApr-15-11 12:35 PM02398
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