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Top Calfishing.com Saltwater Fishing in California
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July 4, 1999 Stardust Half Day [View all]
Today I fished with Brian and my girlfriend Summer on the Half-Day Stardust out of Sea Landing. We started at the one mile trying for calico but only
Rob Belloni Brian Long and Summer AndersonJul-04-99 11:43 PM
by Rob Belloni Brian Lo

Cabrillo Beach [View all]
I float-tubed the kelp and beach at Cabrillo today. Weather was good, the fishing was so-so. I got one of everything, and nothing very big. Started
TerryJul-02-99 11:14 AM
by Terry

Huntington Harbour [View all]
What is happening fellow psycotic anglers?!!! Went to Huntington Harbour Wednesday evening (6/23/99) with a friend on his 14' Lund. We fished the in
Terry G.Jun-25-99 07:09 PM
by Terry G.

June 25, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat [View all]
I went on the morning boat today. we started out at one mile with no fish, so we moved to horse shoe and i got a couple little rockfish. then we mov
Brian LongJun-25-99 12:09 PM
by Brian Long

June 19, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat [View all]
Took my dad out for father's day on the Stardust. We took the morning run up the line to the pipe off<BR> Goleta. Right away we cau
Rob Belloni and Vance BelloniJun-23-99 11:00 PM
by Rob Belloni and Vanc

June 13, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat: [View all]
Went on the stardust today with Steven Viore. We started out at four mile with zero fish and headed up to<BR> Goleta. We got into t
Brian Long and Steven ViorJun-23-99 10:59 PM
by Brian Long and Steve

May 31, 1999 Seahawk LXV Shimano Corsair Derby @ Santa ... [View all]
Today I fished the Shimano Corsair owner's saltwater derby onboard the Seahawk. We left the dock at<BR> 7:00am with about 50 pieces
Rob BelloniJun-23-99 10:58 PM
by Rob Belloni

May 16, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat: [View all]
Well, we were going to go check out Goleta beach for some float tube halibut action but the swell kicked up<BR> so we went out on t
Rob Belloni and Brian LongJun-23-99 10:57 PM
by Rob Belloni and Bria

March 14, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat [View all]
Brian and I fished on the Stardust today with a pretty full load of 38 anglers. The weather was sunny with<BR> patchy low clouds an
Rob Belloni and Brian LongJun-23-99 10:57 PM
by Rob Belloni and Bria

April 25, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat [View all]
Not much to report except that some guy caught the first barracuda of the year. That's a good sign. a<BR> couple sand bass came in
Brian LongJun-23-99 10:56 PM
by Brian Long

March 14, 1999 Stardust Half Day Boat [View all]
The salmon season got off to a slow start this year with only a dozen or so fish reported for anglers fishing in<BR> the SB/Ventura
Rob BelloniJun-23-99 10:54 PM
by Rob Belloni
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