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Someone once told me you learn far more from a loss than a victory.  I did learn a lot at Shasta.  I became a way savvier drop shotter, and learned a lot about the lake itself.  My goal was to catch a limit each day, no matter how small.  I would have liked to have done that!

Aaron Martens is an unbelievable fisherman.  His skills are way beyond qualifying.  He's got a very good chance to take the world title sometime here soon.  He blows my mind.  I'd like to know him better. 

My hat is off to Cameron for such a great job.  He needed a break and got one.  He fished consistently and was able to locate his own fish for three days.  Really glad for him. 

Since Shasta, I've began to really consider buying a bass boat.  I've never before been this serious or had the financial support to do it.  I feel like something good has happened from Shasta.  I realized I have to get a boat at all costs.  Nothing else is more important in my life.  I am going to buy a boat.

I'll be back.


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