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November 3, 2000 Day Two

I drew Jason Hickey of Idaho.  Large fellow, and a good fisherman.  We ran into the McCloud to start things off.  Nothing!  We then headed to the mouth of the Pitt.  I picked up two keepers on my darthead.  We fished hard around there all day and had to leave to the Squaw to see if you couldn't make anything happen.  Jason basically loaded the boat in 1 hour on his Carolina rigged lizard.  I would catch shorts, he would catch keepers.  He had a small limit

I was able to down shot up two more keepers near the mouth of the Pitt as the day winded down. I had number 5 on and she came off on the way to the boat!  Damn!

I was glad to have 4 fish anyway!  Cameron weighed in another solid bag, and was sitting to do well.  James had a small limit and needed a good bag to cash out.  I was stoked to have Dave Mitchell for the final day.  Shasta was killing me and I was trying hard to keep a good attitude and fish strong.

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