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November 2, 2000 Day One

Tom didn't have any water so we headed into the Sac were I figured we could get a limit of small fish if nothing else.  We immediately began catching fish, but keepers were really hard to come by.  I swear I caught over 50 fish that day and only had two keepers.  I had one keeper on a spook and got one on a drop shot to keep.  Tom had two keepers on the spook and one on a worm.  We got into a huge boil of fish back near the I-5 bridge.trout and bass everywhere.  I'd throw out and catch a trout, Tom would throw out and catch a 2lb bass!  Go figure!  Not meant to be.  I caught a 15 lb. Squaw fish on my spook that day.  Holy smokes I thought I hooked an 8lb bass.  I was pissed when she surfaced and my hopes for a miracle died.

Cameron weighed in a solid limit from the spot, and James weighed in a slightly smaller limit.  I was basically out of it and not too happy about it.  That hurt pretty good.  What can you do?  Go fish like hell the next day!

Brent Ehrler, the man, put on another good showing and had a solid 11lb bag of fish.  Nice tournament Brent.

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