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November 4, 2000 Final Day

Everyone knew the tournament was Aaron's to win.  He is so good!  I really admire his skill.  Anyway, Dave had engine trouble and was running a brand new powerhead from Evinrude installed the night before.  Well, they forgot something or something wasn't right still.  We had engine troubles from the get go, and it was a perfect ending to my tournament.  I was able to pick up one decent fish.  We had to fish locally, and couldn't get much going.  Dave apologized much of the day.  What could we do?  We kept our lines wet and watched the graph for activity.  We caught some shorts, but the keepers weren't there.  I guess if I had to have engine trouble in a tourney, this one probably hurt the least because I was so far out of it! 

Cameron weighed in a great 7lb bag.  Check out these pics of him on stage with Fishburne:

Dave Mitchell fell out of the money and missed a check.  He was bummed.  I was numb because I had been out of it since the first day!  James missed his check too, but was able to catch another small limit.

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