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Tuesday, October 31, 2000

5:44:  Woke up to clear skies.  Chilly out but no rain.  There was a North wind blowing.  From what one local told me, Shasta gets 10 days of North wind annually, and we got to see 5 of them!  Cameron and I headed towards the dam for the first stop.  We fished blades and spooks, trying to cover some water and learn something.  Nothing.  We finally caught a few worm fish where the dam meets the shore.  Nothing spectacular though!

It wasn't until we moved to the Little Squaw area, that we saw some good bait activity.  Finding bait was definitely a key.  Good electronics are a must in a place like Shasta.  I had the chance to hear from James about PinPoint electronics.  He predicted they will put Lowrance out of business in a few years.  He thinks their product is that much more superior and has way finer sensitivity and readout. 

Cameron and I came into the very back of the Little Squaw to find some nice sized trout busting bait.  They were absolutely hammering the stuff.  I was able to catch one on a TD Minnow.  A little later we moved to a small cove between Little Squaw and Backbone.  Found 'em!  Cameron happened to locate great cove full of fish and bait.  Not only that, but the cove was deep and out of the wind.  Cameron used this spot to catch his three solid limits each day of the tournament.  He caught easily 15-20 keepers a day!  Hard for me to swallow since I weighed in only 7 keepers the entire tournament.  Another good sign in that cove was seeing Greg Gutierrez there! 

We fished on into Backbone.  Cameron caught this beauty on a drop shotted morning dawn worm.

We headed from Backbone into the main lake.  We stopped to fish some large tapering points.  I nailed two good spots on consecutive casts.  Here's one of them:

Cameron was able to drop shot up this nice smallie on the point adjacent to the one I just hooked up on:

Not a bad day of fishing.  Talked to James when we got back to the cabin.  He caught a 4.5 spot on spook in the Pitt.  He threw on some busting fish and wham, he caught a toad.  Unbelievable. 

We had to check in that night so we went to the Holiday Inn to take care of business.

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